What about the Zone Diet?

The Zone Diet revealed.

This diet is also called the 30-30-40 diet. These are not body measures...

... 30% Fat

... 30% Protein

... 40% Carbs

This diet doesn’t have stages. You simply change your eating habits to the right fat, protein and carbohydrate proportions and you’re on the way to losing weight, improving your health and your athletic performance. At least that’s the theory.

The main aspects of the zone diet

* You should consume a little protein in every meal and snack

* Your carbohydrate intake should be the double by volume than the protein portion.

* Some fat doesn’t hurt you as long as it is unsaturated.


The diet’s theory says that your food controls your body’s production of insulin. The body produces insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels. The carbohydrates not used for energy are transformed into fat and goes into storage.

So if you eat the right amount in the right proportions your body will not store as much fat.

If you want to stay in the “zone” means eating meals where protein do not dominate the carbohydrates. In this diet you will have to count calories, which I don’t like…

… Your normal meal should not exceed 500 calories and your snacks should be limited to max 100 calories.

But the zone diet recommends eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Naturally this is a healthy choice. It is also very important to leave out processed meals and foods with too much salt in it.

What do we say?

For my taste this diet concentrates too much on what you should eat and what not. At least if I follow a diet, I choose a diet where I don’t have to make a big sacrifice. Complementing with an Aloe Vera supplement makes dieting much easier for me.

Living a health conscious life doesn’t limit itself just to food.

It is about life.

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