The Aloe Vera that could never be

by Baxter

One day, upon entering the domicile of my girlfriend a realization struck me: the aloe vera plant that lay dormant by her window would make a delectable treat. I stared at its delicious green appendages and felt the saliva build in my mouth. I became hard with desire for its spiky flesh. This was the moment I had been waiting for.

With only a slight hesitation I asked my girlfriend whether she might consider eating a tidbit of her vegetal companion. I suggested that we drink its sweet nectar, the nectar of the gods. But alas, she refused! Oh, oh, sweet temptress aloe. How cruel my girlfriend can be.

My desire building, we retreated to the bedroom. But again, my requests were denied. Tonight, when the moment strikes, I will devour it.

The end.

By Baxter

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