What do you do to prevent Swine Flu?

Is swine flu preventable, you might ask?

Of course it is. A body with a strong immune system will hardly be affected with any kind of flu. Therefore it is important to have a clean and healthy body, which also represents a strong immune system.

Using face masks will hardly restrain a virus – it might keep something off if someone coughs.

According to the swine flu symptoms it could be just a common flu – because they have the same symptoms. It is just a virus strain which your body hasn’t come in contact with and isn’t immune to.

Actually Swine flu isn’t something new. There was an outbreak in 1918 and in 1976. It is called this name because the virus has been identified in pigs.

swine flu h1n1 virus

What is this disease?


In April 2009 there was a new virus strain identified:

The Influenza A virus subtype H1N1

The scientific world believes it to be a mutation of 4 known strains of the Influenza A virus: one endemic in humans; one endemic in birds; and two endemic in pigs.

There was no vaccine available to prevent infection as of June 2009, although companies are developing one and estimates of availability ranged from three to six months.

There is also a concern that the virus could mutate over the coming months to a more dangerous flu outbreak later in the year, and a vaccine produced now might be less effective in preventing its spread.

The signs of infection with swine flu are similar to other forms of influenza, and include a fever, coughing, headaches, pain in the muscles or joints, sore throat, chills, fatigue and runny nose. Diarrhea and vomiting have also been reported in some cases. (wiki)


swine flu

My sisters son (5 year old) got a couple of days ago the swineflu. Altough they live in canada.

Hearing about really gets you thinking. So I searched the web for a handbook or something, on how to deal with something like that.

I ran across "The Swineflu Survival Guide" and found this guide as very useful.

This kind of disease doesn't respect first world countries or third world countries. So it's highly recommended to know what to do about this disease.

"Swine Flu Survival Guide", my personal recomendation for you.

How do you maintain a strong immune system?

Aloe Vera juice aids in the absorption of vitamin C. Vitamin C and E are antioxidants that remove free radicals out of your body.

You can improve your immune system by in high intake in vitamin C. This will help prevent any kind of flu and colds.

Somebody with a healthy body doesn’t have to be afraid of the swine flu, bird flu or any kind of epidemic disease.

There are at least 2 things you can do to be immune against any swine flu, bird flu, etc.

1. - Combining Aloe Vera juice and vitamin C could be a better prevention than any vaccine.

2. - Cleaning your body from auto-toxins through a cleansing diet is also a very important aspect.

In the process of every day life the body produces waste matter that has to be eliminated. But that doesn’t happen most of the time.

So we have to DO something to clean our body. Find how you can clean your body with this simple method.

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