The Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is based on the truth that food in its raw state has more nutrients than cooked or processed foods.

When food is heated too much you lose valuable vitamins, enzymes and convert unsaturated fat to saturated fat (which is the kind you don’t want).

You are considered a raw “foodist” if 75% to 100% of the food you consume is in the raw state. The higher percentage of raw food you consume, the greater are the health benefits.

The old saying goes “You are what you eat”.

It is a proven fact that many diseases are caused by consuming over processed foods.

That is why it is important to clean your body with your diet. That sounds strange -- but it is true.

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Food has to be alive if we want it to support our health.

Preserving the vitamins, enzymes, natural fiber, etc. is the most important thing to eat and stay healthy.

A great number of nutrients are sensitive to light and heat. A lot of cooking “kills” and “deletes” these nutrients …

… The best way to get these nutrients into your body is to eat them in a raw state. In order to stay a good health balance, we should eat 2/3 of our food raw.

Some of the vegetables are tastier when you lightly steam them. These preserves the nutrients and natural fibers.

There are different types of raw food diets:

1.- Raw vegan diet: This diet consists raw plant food, unprocessed and not heated above 46º Celsius. Food heated above this temperature is believed to lose its nutritional value. There are a few variations in this diet: fruit-arians, juice-arians and sprout-arians.

2.- Raw vegetarianism: This diet excludes food from animal sources, but allowing eggs and milk. All vegetables, fruits and nuts are allowed.

3.- Raw animal food diet: In this diet you can eat uncooked meat, raw eggs and any food that comes from an animal source. There are ways to prepare these foods that can be actually tasty. Normally you would call these recipes “exotic”.

I personally can think of two kinds of raw meat that I like: jerky and cold smoked meat …

… How about you?

When you are thinking of consuming raw meat, be sure it is grass fed beef to avoid harmful bacteria in the meat.

What happens to food when heated?

When protein is overheated it “melts” the protein molecule. This “melted” protein is almost indigestible by the body.

Eating regularly or always this kind of protein produces over time a protein deficiency in the body. So it is good advice to complement your diet with enough “raw” food or complement your diet with some of the raw food diet.

And my personal advice: always complement your raw food diet with Aloe Vera juice.

Important: If you need to do something about your diet, than do it today.

A good start is to clean your body with a "master cleanse".

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