Why give flowers on Mothers Day?

Why give cookies or a cake to your mother on mothers day?

Flowers, cookies, cakes, etc, can be just a habit. --> You give it to her EVERY year.

Why not dare something worthy?What does your mother likes to talk about? --> She likes to talk about her life experiences.

Give her a chance to talk about them.

Talking about your deepest secrets, that life taught you, is the most difficult thing to do. But if someone shares with you those experiences, it can give you a rewarding feeling and sometimes you can even learn a lesson.

So …

Think about your mother. She would love to share her experiences with the entire world. Give her a chance and listen to her.

Sometimes it is wise to listen what your folks have to say. They lived all that we are struggling with.

So, let’s give our mothers a chance …

… and LISTEN.

You don’t have to do everything your mother says. At least I don’t do it. Maybe you should. But why would you?

But I believe it is a good practice to listen to your mother on …


Many Moms don’t take a job or work outside the home to leave time for their family…

…It is their number one priority.

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