Medicinal Uses of Aloe Vera

Many doctors will agree that the medicinal uses of Aloe Vera are increasing.

With its growing acceptance in the medical profession, it has been given more optimism to those who seek non-toxic alternatives to drugs.

Where the modern drugs may not be helping the individual, the medicinal uses of Aloe are growing in popularity.

Certainly the usage of Aloe Vera for so many centuries in varied scattered cultures and locations around the world should be reason enough to at least take a deeper look into its potential for the health benefits to humanity.

Aloe Vera can be used externally as skin care and internally as a drink.

While the medicinal uses of Aloe are shown in studies to benefit in many ways, no reputable study nor scientist has claimed that Aloe Vera will work the same for everybody - nor are results universally applied. The emphasis are placed on the fact that only the “body cures” itself through the miraculous bio defenses.

Modern medicines, herbs, Aloe Vera, etc. only provide the body with what it requires to effect a "cure", or at least to arrest disease at its current stage.

Pure proven Aloe Vera products should be used along with a well balanced nutritional plan, coupled with exercise and lots of clean water.

My recommendation is to make your own Aloe Vera juice. It is the most pure and natural Aloe remedy you can get.

If you need recipes, Click here.

Dr. Lee Cowden, Dallas Texas, observed that several conditions benefit when treated by oral consumption of Aloe Vera. They include:

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having the "know how" to make your own homeremedies with one Aloe Vera plant...

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 aloe vera

• Irritable bowl syndrome,

• Ulcerative colitis,

• Esophagitis,

• Peptic ulcer,

• Rheumatoid arthritis,

• Osteoarthritis,

• Mouth lesions,

• Sore throat,

• Lupus.

Susan Westfall commented that there are many old standbys that are consistently reintroduced in a more highly advanced form and accompanied by scientific studies supporting myriad health claims. Aloe Vera is one such favorite, touted over the centuries for its "miraculous" healing benefits.

Whether used as a nutritional beverage or topically in a wide array of products, the demand for this natural ingredient continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The anecdotal assertions about the medicinal uses of Aloe Vera made decades ago, are now being proved in laboratories.

As time goes by, there will be discovered many more medicinal uses of Aloe Vera. We can contribute to this by using Aloe Vera.

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