Household Juicer in White

by Juice Recipe

I have owned my Champion for about 15 years and mostly LOVE it! I use it almost daily and find it truly is a workhorse.

Every morning I make a vegetable juice of tomato, celery, cucumber, beet, carrot, a green (kale, spinach, chard or another) and a clove of garlic. It takes me very little time to prepare the veggies, juice them and clean up.

I always hold a cup under the pulp extractor to catch the tomato and cucumber pulp and run it through a few times to get more juice.

The only reason I didn't give the Champion a 5 star rating is because of the greens.... they are sometimes quite difficult to push through. The celery is problematic only if you put the whole stalk through without cutting it up because the strings wrap around the cutting cylinder. The best solution I found for that is instead of breaking off the number of stalks you want to juice I simply wash the whole bunch of celery and then cut off 3 or 4 inches from the whole bunch.

That way they juice very easily. The best I can do for the greens is put only a few in at a time and then follow it with something firm like a carrot or beet. If anyone has any ideas on greens please share them.

All in all I would definitely recommend this juicer as a great juicer for the money. juice recipe

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