Growing Aloe Vera

aloe baby plants

For common use, growing Aloe Vera in your own garden is one of the easiest ways to get the freshest and most natural Aloe Vera gel...

... It is easy to cultivate, requiring only good drainage, mild temperatures and occasional watering.

It is of utmost importance to grow organic Aloe Vera.

There are over 250 species of Aloes in the world, mostly native to Africa. They range in size from little one inch miniatures to massive plant colonies consisting of hundreds of 60 centimeters diameter plants.

All Aloe Vera species are semitropical succulent plants, and may only be grown outdoors in areas where there is no chance of freezing. Although out of my experience, a little morning frost now and then...

...will not kill the plant.

But it will damage the leaves somewhat. However, they make excellent house plants when they are given sufficient light. Potted Aloe Vera plants benefit from spending the summer outdoors.

Because Aloe Vera plants consist of 95% water, they are extremely frost tender. Bring the Aloe Vera plant in to the inside if the temperature drops below 5º Celsius.

If they are grown outdoors in warm climates, they should be planted in full sun, or light shade. The Aloe Vera plant will tolerate either full or partial sunlight, but requires more frequent watering in full sun.

The soil should be...

...moderately fertile and fast draining. The best soil for growing Aloe Vera is a sandy loam with a good drainage. If your soil does not have good drainage, you can mix it with some gravel.

Established plants will survive a drought quite well, but for the benefit of the plant, water should be provided. During the summer months, the soil should be completely soaked, but then be allowed to dry again before re-watering.

The Aloe Vera plants should be at least a meter apart.

Growing Aloe Vera Baby plants in pots

If you need good drainage, consider making ridges mixed with ¼ of gravel by volume. The ridges should be 25 cm wide and the rows a meter apart.

Mix the soil with about 3 kilos of compost per Aloe Vera plant.

The mature Aloe Vera plants get baby plants around its stem. Transplant the baby plants when they are 10 to 15 cm high. Don’t plant them to shallow, a little deeper ensures a better root system.

Another important point is to cut the blossoms, to ensure a better development of the leaves.

Just imagine...

having the "know how" to make your own homeremedies with one Aloe Vera plant...

... The money you could save on medication and cosmetic's...

 aloe vera

Growing Aloe Vera is an easy task. It needs just a little love and care for plants and some gardening interest...

...Almost everyone can grow Aloe Vera.

But remember to grow it organically.

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