Research on Drinking Aloe Vera

Drinking Aloe Vera juice can improve and maintain your health. According to latest analysis, it is a proven fact, that Aloe Vera carries at least 160 nutritional elements in different compensating forms.

With this house-hold of emanate vital nutrients in one single package, the body will respond to the Aloe Vera consumption.

As a deficient body is fed with vital nutrients, this makes a powerful positive effect to the physical well-being.

The logical reasoning is, that a healthy body will profit greatly in maintaining normal function by drinking Aloe Vera daily to maintain optimal health!

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 aloe vera

In a study that was made with healthy adults, who submitted to several test which included:

• a radio telemetric assay of gastric acid secretion,

• assay of urine tryptophan metabolites

• and a stool specific gravity culture.

These were administered “before and after” consuming 175 grams of Aloe Vera juice every day for a week.

The first test involved swallowing a small PH sensitive capsule which transmits to an external receiver. This transmission gives the PH reading at various levels of the intestines.

The pre-supplement results compared to the post supplementation date that drinking Aloe Vera juice significantly increases postprandial gastric PH. This prolongs the time taken for the telemetry capsule to pass from the stomach to the duodenum.

The second test on the urine assay, for indoxylsulphate, is a reflection of the catabolism of the amino acid tryptophan. And this reflects an index of the digestion and absorption of protein in the intestinal tract.

In the second observation showed, that it lowers urine and stool specific gravity. In the third observation indicated, that it reduces the yeast over growth in the stool culture of these subjects who had yeast prior to drinking Aloe Vera juice.

The interpretation of this original report sums the investigation together as a demonstrating factor that Aloe Vera juice can “number one”

• improve protein digestion,

• improve the water holding characteristics of the stool,

• acts as an alkalizing agent in the gut,

• has an anti-fungal property.

The assignment of Aloe Vera on regular basis has been attributed to many, although not all the stories of the health miracles have been scientifically verified.

But the truth remains, that Aloe Vera goes back thousands of years in written history. The simple fact goes like this; “Aloe Vera worked then, and Aloe Vera works now!”

Drinking Aloe Vera juice and mineral deficiencies

The absorption in the gut can be demonstrated by a case history that will explain the living reaction of how Aloe Vera enhances the absorption of vital nutrition elements in the physical body.

A sixty five year old lady was diagnosed as having a low calcium level of 7.0 points. After using her calcium medication-prescription for a period of six month, the level dropped down to 6.0 points and her condition extremely worsened. To this condition 80 grams of Aloe Vera juice was recommended, three times daily with her calcium medication. In a short period of two month the level rose to a high 11 and her condition improved to a feeling of well being.

The calcium deficiency is a problem that is well documented and is backed with many laboratory studies. The absorption in the digestive system is greatly enhanced by drinking Aloe Vera juice. This occurs by improving the hydrochloric acid flow in the stomach and increasing the bile flow.

This all serves for better absorption of the minerals and other nutrients. All this increase is in the normal realm of a healthy function and...

...there is no need to be concerned about over stimulating the digestive tract under the frame of a normal usage.

This observation has the privilege of being backed by many similar case histories that were observed in a great number of different people in clinical settings. So when this affects a deficiency factor in such a powerful way...

... the question has been raised multitudes of times: “How can drinking Aloe Vera help a physical system in such a powerful way”.

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