The Diabetic Diet

What defines a diabetic diet? You ask 10 professionals and you will get 10 different answers.

Supplementing your diet with Aloe Vera juice improves overall health and especially people suffering from diabetes.

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Diabetes is a disorder where the pancreas can not produce enough of the hormone insulin needed to burn blood sugar. Severe diabetes requires you to get insulin medication (injections).

The severity of diabetes is determined by “types” ...

Type 1 diabetes also known as “juvenile diabetes” or “insulin dependant diabetes”. This type of diabetes targets the body’s immune system and is not very common. It is also called the auto-immune type.

The symptoms for this type of diabetes are known as exceptional thirstiness, dryness of mouth, urinating very often, weight loss, exhaustion, blurred vision, etc.

Type 2 diabetes is also known as “adult-onset diabetes” or “non-insulin-dependant diabetes mellitus”. This type affects the amount of insulin produced in the body.

The symptoms for diabetes type 2 include blurred vision, wounds, sores, itchiness of skin, yeast infections, dry mouth, frequent urination, leg pains, etc.

There is a third type of diabetes called “gestational diabetes”. This type affects only women who are conceiving or pregnant.

The symptoms in this type of diabetes are similar to the other types. They disappear once the woman gives birth. It is recommended to keep on monitoring the condition so it will not develop into a sever type of diabetes. A diabetic diet is always recommendable even for this type.

For everyone who has diabetes, the diabetic diet is an issue. You have to have healthy eating habits in order to maintain your body as good functioning as possible.

So what should you eat and what not?

The diabetic diet is practically a well balanced healthy diet. There are several guidelines for the diabetic diet:

• Eat a variety of foods everyday

• Eat high fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, grains and beans

• Limit how much carbohydrate you eat and spread the carbohydrates evenly throughout the day.

• Use less added fat, sugar, and salt.

• If you want to lose weight, cut down on your portion size. If you skip a meal, you may eat too much at your next meal.

Another important aspect is to exercise.

Work out an exercise plan with your doctor or health care practitioner to stay fit.

Walking is a perfect “getting started exercise”.

Try walking 10-15 minutes three days a week and gradually build up.

Regular exercise helps control blood sugar levels and improves blood pressure.

If you have health problems that keep you from walking, consider stationary cycling, swimming or chair exercises.

Important is to find a physical activity you love.

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