Crohns disease

The many health benefits of Aloe Vera could be a solution to crohns disease.

Having a healthy digestive system will prevent this disease.


a healthy diet, supplemented with Aloe Vera juice is one of the best methods to prevent and to keep this disease under control by keeping the symptoms to a minimum.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the only way to live a symptom free life.

Crohns disease is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the digestive system especially the intestines.

When disease develops the mucous linings in the digestive tract become ulcerated. These breaks cause raw spots to appear anywhere from the mouth to the anus internally and can be very painful depending where they appear.

This disease is closely related to another problem called ulcerative colitis, but the same approach is taken in treating the problem. There are times when this disease is inactive giving a feeling that everything is healed. When a relapse occurs the disease becomes active again.

A scientifically confirmed cause of Crohns disease is not known. It is suspected that certain strains of bacteria could be the cause.

There is no convincing evidence that the disease is caused by infections but one thing is for sure...

...when the disease is in progress, infection will be present.

An unhealthy lifestyle is the main cause of the IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Diseases). In our modern diet the food has a very high percentage of concentrated carbohydrates. The high level of refined carbohydrates in our diet with a low fiber level is the cause of high density bowel movements.

Our ancestors had a high natural fiber diet and constipation was unknown to them. With a sluggish bowel, the feces remain for a long period of time in the intestines. This creates toxins that are absorbed by the intestines, which could be the cause of inflammation.

The high density stool, as well as a sticky bowel movement, is an ideal breeding ground for:

Just imagine...

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• Harmful bacteria,

• Viruses,

• Fungi and

• Other foreign invaders like parasites.

Therefore, a healthy digestive system is the key too good health. Supplementing our diet with Aloe Vera juice stimulates the whole digestive process.

The only treatment that works in the long run is...

...eliminating the cause of a disease.

Eating a lot of natural fiber in form of raw food, supplementing each meal with Aloe Vera juice, is a great help in combating digestive related disease.

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