My recommended Colon Cleanse methods

There are many different opinions about the different colon cleanse methods.

But you know when the garbage disposal system breaks down we are in for trouble.

Just imagine what it would be like if the garbage wasn’t pick up for two weeks or even a month in your town ...

... Our just half of the garbage would be collected. What a mess!!

Many people move the waste matters from their bodies only every second or third day ...

... And only the half of the normal amount they should get rid of. What a mess!!

You know that spoiled food is poisonous for our bodies. So in the course of time our body absorbs a lot of toxins in our bowels from poorly disposed waste matters.

The internal part of the colon can become encrusted and the absorption of nutrients becomes blocked. But the colon will absorb the toxic matter and pass it into the blood.

So the number one thing in good health is a clean colon. In order to stay healthy, you need to detox your colon regularly and you will feel more energy and better health.

The number one and best method to avoid poisoning of the body is ...

... Healthy Eating.

But what happens with the waste in your body if you just started to eat healthy?

So what is needed is the so-called “special spring cleaning” - colon cleanse

This is where you have to start. And than you maintain a clean colon with a ...

... Healthy lifestyle = good eating habits.

A colon cleanse can be done in different ways:

1.- A good colon cleanse can be achieved with drinking a large quantity of Aloe Vera juice for a certain period of time …

… My recommendation is to consume ½ liter of Aloe Vera juice daily for 3 days.

2.- A raw vegetable and fruit diet, replacing your meals with raw vegetables. In between the meals eat raw fruit and drink a lot of pure water. This colon cleansing method should be done for 4 days.

3.- In the market there are different types of herbal formulas and powders, recommended for colon cleansing. You can use these separately as indicated on every product, or you can include them in my recommended methods.

I recommend doing a colon cleansing method once a month. You will feel better and feel more energy.

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