Chemical Constituents of Aloe Vera

Modern medicine began to unlock the deeper secrets of the chemical constituents of Aloe Vera and to place the “miracle plant” under laboratory scrutiny.

The chemical principal attributes are:



anti-viral and


Antiseptic: The plant produces six natural antiseptic agents:

• Lupeol,

• a natural salicylic acid,

• urea nitrogen,

• cinnamic acid,

• phenol,

• and sulfur.

All these natural chemical constituents of Aloe Vera demonstrate anti-microbial effects. Lupeol and salicylic acid also have analgesic effects.

Anti-Inflammatory: Aloe Vera contains three natural plant sterols which are:

• important fatty acids,

• campesterol,

• B-sitosterol.

Anti-viral, anti-bacterial: Recent research has suggested that Aloe Vera aids directly in the destruction of intravascular bacteria. The reason for this suggestion is due to Aloe Vera’s unique polysaccharide component.

The body’s natural “complement system” is a critical defense system that involves a series of proteins. This system only needs to be activated in order to attack bacteria.

It is the polysaccharides that trigger these proteins in a sequence called the “cascade phenomenon”. It takes on a doughnut shape and inserts themselves into the membranes of bacteria...

... Through this action they literally create holes in the bacteria, exposing the pathogens´ interior to surrounding fluids causing their death.

Dr. Terry Pulse proved that Aloe Vera juice contains the important substance known as Acemannan.

This very important part of the Aloe Vera’s long natural chain of polysaccharides is the main element in the plant that gives the special defensive affect. This special aspect has the ability to give the cells their needed nutrients, purification, and strengthens the cell structure.

From these powerful chemical constituents of Aloe Vera the immune system is supplied with the needed power to build strong resistance.

This important part of the Aloe Vera is in the realm of the trace elements especially the mono polysaccharides and the macro polysaccharides which are made up of a large number of different elements.

The important role that Acemannan has is...

...that the body develops this very special element until it reaches puberty.

From there on the body has to receive it from food.

This element is found in the cellophane of the human organism and is an important factor in the immune defense of each cell.

Summing the important elements together gives the Aloe Vera the great value of an almost complete complex make-up...

... Having steroids, triglyceride, amino acids, ribonucleic acid, traces of alkaloid, vitamin (A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C, E, F, beta carotene, carotene, cholin, folic acid, and niacin), plus a number of different minerals.

The development of the chemical constituents of Aloe Vera nutritional value depends on the weather conditions.

It also depends on the quality of the soil where the Aloe Vera is grown. As well the harvest time has a great influence on the chemical constituents of Aloe Vera juice.

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