Aloe Vera Burn Treatment

A burn treatment can exist in many different forms. Since ancient times Aloe Vera has been considered the “burn plant”.

Applying Aloe Vera gel from the leaf of the plant gives a soothing sensation because of its humidifying and analgesic effects.

I consider an Aloe Vera burn treatment as the best option for burns.


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A burn injury can be caused by

• Heat

• Cold

• Electricity

• Chemicals

• Light and Radiation

• Friction

aloe vera burn

Burns vary in terms of the damaged tissue, in severity and different complications. Normally a burn causes a lot of pain due to the amount of injury to the nerve endings.

Depending on the burn, the area affected, and the degree of severity, there are a number of potentially fatal complications a burn victim can experience:

• Shock

• Infection

• Electrolyte imbalance

• Respiratory distress

Beyond physical complications, burns can also result in severe psychological and emotional distress due to scarring and deformity.

Applying Aloe Vera gel as soon as possible will accelerate the healing process. I recommend this burn treatment as an alternative. Severe burns should be consulted with a professional healthcare practitioner.

Scalding is a specific type of burning that is caused by hot liquids or gasses. They most commonly occur in the home from exposure to high temperature tap water. Steam is a common gas that causes scalds. The injury is usually regional. However, deaths have occurred in more unusual circumstances, such as when people have accidentally broken a steam pipe.

A cold burn is a kind of burn which arises when the skin is in contact with a low-temperature body. They are caused by prolonged contact with moderately cold bodies like snow and cold air for instance.

A brief contact with very cold bodies such as dry ice, liquid helium ore liquid nitrogen can cause a cold burn as well. The effects are very similar to that of a burn caused by extreme heat. In these cases applying Aloe Vera gel as a burn treatment is the best remedy.

The most common system of classifying burns categorizes them as first-, second-, or third-degree. The following are brief descriptions of these classes:

First-degree burns are usually limited to redness (erythema), a white plaque and minor pain at the site of injury. These burns only involve the epidermis.

Second-degree burns manifest as erythema with superficial blistering of the skin, and can involve more or less pain depending on the level of nerves involvement. Second-degree burns involve the superficial dermis and can also involve the deep dermis layer.

Third-degree burns occur when most of the skin is lost with damage to underlying ligaments, tendons and muscle. These burn victims will exhibit charring of the skin, and sometimes hard eschars are present.

These types of burns are often considered painless because the nerve endings have been destroyed in the burned area. Third-degree burns result in scarring and can be fatal if the affected area is significantly large.

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