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The importance of Aloe Vera skin care is beyond measure because the skin is the largest organ of the body.

The skin is the organ that is the most exposed to air pollution and chemicals in everyday life.

Therefore you have to take good care of your skin.

But how? Find out...

The skin has a very good defensive mechanism, but being overexposed to air pollution causes it to easily break down. Aloe skin care is one of the most mild and soothing methods available.

We should take great care when choosing the proper Aloe Vera skin care treatment.
Acne and causes of acne

• Wounds

Burns and sunburns



Depending on the skin problem different approaches are necessary. For a general skin care you should apply the Aloe Vera gel directly from the leaf.

Make sure to use a leaf from a mature plant. The leaf should be at least two years old. When filleting the leaf take care not to contaminate the fillet with the latex part of the plant. The latex part is a yellowish green, bitter fluid with strong odor oozing out just below the skin of the leaf.

For decades Aloe Vera was well known for its medicinal properties but has become the reference plant in the cosmetic domain. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Aloe Vera is known as an:

• Astringent

• Humidifier

• Skin softener

• Smoothes wrinkles and

• Acts against numerous skin problems.

It protects the skin from the polluted city air and sun burns. Its proteolytic enzymes aid in the elimination of dead skin cells and in the cellular division and helps in the regeneration of the dermis.

Today the cosmetic industry has become one of the largest in the world. It follows right after the agriculture and food industry.

They manufacture and sell a considerable number of different products like lotions and creams of all kinds, shampoos and hair lotions, hair dyes, tooth paste, deodorants, soaps, shaving cream, sprays, bath salts, powders, lip stick, beauty masks, etc, etc.

The Aloe Vera has become a massive sector for the international cosmetic companies. Of course we find in this world market the best and the worst. In America it is commonly called:

“The great cover-up”, the great camouflage.

Unfortunately, instead of correcting the problems, these so called miracle products merely cover up the hair and skin problems.

Before exposing your body to one of these neutral or even negative treatments, it is always wise to make sure you are well informed.

Even Aloe Vera products are included in this great bluff! Not all the products offered which contain Aloe Vera are quality products.

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Thus, before you start a treatment, recall that the beauty and health of your skin and hair will not be regenerated overnight by a so called miracle product. What you need is a long term treatment using quality Aloe Vera skin care products and proven methods.

If you use manufactured products ...

... make sure they are manufactured according to the rigorous pharmaceutical standards.

These are much stricter than for cosmetic products. This can give you assurance that you are using a high quality Aloe Vera skin care product.

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