Aloe Vera Pictures - Loma Plata, Chaco Paraguay

Here are some more Aloe Vera pictures from the harvest and Aloe Vera processing in July 2009 in Loma Plata, Chaco Paraguay.

It was a family adventure with a lot of work. But it was well worth the effort. We learned something.

The Aloe Vera harvest is a lot of work. We processed in July 2009 more than 6.000 kilos of Aloe Vera. That was in about six days.

That's more than a thousand kilos a day.

We sure got tired.

aloe vera plant turtle"Something is eating my Aloe Vera plant", I hear often. Here is a pic of the likes. I think it must been turtles.
aloe vera leavesFresh harvested Aloe Vera leaves, ready to be washed.
brushing aloe vera leavesEvery single plant has to be hand brushed and cleaned.
washing aloe vera leavesA lot of work to brush thousand and some kilos of Aloe Vera leaves per day.
aloe baby plantsClean Aloe Vera leaves to be processed.
aloe vera cutAloe Vera leaves with cut edges.
aloe scraping tableThis is the scraping table to extract the pure Aloe Vera gel.
aloe vera cutting edgesCutting the edges of an Aloe Vera leaf.
processing aloe veraThe team hard at work.
separating aloe vera leafEvery leaf has to be separated - and it goes to the scraping table.
 scraping aloe vera leavesScraping an Aloe Vera leaf and extracting the valuable gel.
aloe vera gelThe pure Aloe Gold. Clean Aloe Vera Gel ready for the stabilizing process.
scraping aloe veraAnother Aloe Vera picture. Extracting the clear Aloe gel.
processing aloe vera juiceProcessing Aloe Vera juice.
aloe veraMy two bows Alex (7) and Dani (6).
Aloe Vera teamThe Aloe Vera processing team july 2009. I (Delbert Chupp) am standing to the left of the picture with my wife Domi. Next to my wife in the background our good friend Edgar Vazquez. My too boys had to bee in the picture too.

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