Aloe Vera Mystery...

by Ashleigh Wolfe
(Basildon, Essex, England)

My daughter and I went to a school fair to celebrate Children In Need and there was a small stall selling potted plants. The plants were tiny, the pots were only about 6inches wide and about the same downwards.

There were a couple of spider plants and a little spiky plant that had been pushed to the back and they were all being sold for �1-�2 so I thought "Well the little one is pretty cute and would bring some life to my house," so of course I did my bit and brought it.

It had tough, leathery, short and stubby leaves and appeared to have no stem but it had a stubborn character that appealed to me and I bought it home and stuck it on the windowsill, where it thrived. I had to, of course, identify the specie of the plant and many members of my family believed it to be aloe vera arborescens but others thought it was haworthia magnifica.

I've since been on half a ton of websites to try and identify it, but ever since I brought the mystery plant back from the school, I've not been able to identify the plant, and so we've called it "aloe magnifica"!

Any ideas?

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