Aloe Vera Juice Side Effects

The Aloe Vera juice side effects are almost unknown. The natural Aloe Vera plant is one of the most used herbal plants in modern times.

This herbal plant has been used by many thousands of people throughout many millenniums.

Just like all other things, there is always the possibility that one person in thousands could be allergic to Aloe Vera.

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There are different factors that could cause side effects:

• Over usage – too much of the good stuff can be an overdose.

• Allergic reactions

• Not properly prepared Aloe Vera juice.

The only Aloe Vera juice side effects are basically an allergy on Aloe Vera. As we all know millions of people eat wheat and wheat products every day. But there is small percentage of the people that con not tolerate gluten ...

... Therefore they can not eat wheat products. This is no reason to say wheat is no good, just because a few people are allergic to it.

The same thing applies to Aloe Vera, just because 0, 3 % of the people have shown to be allergic to Aloe is not enough reason to discredit Aloe Vera. So basically side effects of Aloe Vera are unknown.

We do know of a case where people took the raw whole leaf Aloe Vera juice (skin and all) with all the latex juice in it, boiled it down to a strong concentration. When they drank this mixture with another herb tea, the side effect was very serious. The people got seriously sick.

This is the reason why we recommend being careful on how Aloe Vera juice is prepared. Following the recommendations that are given in this site will eliminate this danger.

Some of the symptoms of the side effects could be:

• Diarrhea – most common in over usage.

• Skin rashes and other allergic reactions.

If any unpleasant effects should occur, discontinuing the usage should solve the problem.

In conclusion, following the precaution given in this site, will exclude almost all possibilities of Aloe Vera juice side effects.

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