Using Aloe Vera for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a desire of a lot of people in many parts of the world. Aloe Vera for Weight Loss can be a reality but it is no magic.

As a fact many people are looking for that magic pill or cream that will reduce excess fat and quickly.

But Weight Loss is a discipline just like everything else. Applying creams and jellies externally will not burn off excess fat. Aloe Vera for Weight Loss is a wonderful supplement to use in conjunction with a Healthy Lifestyle.

Drinking Aloe Vera juice 3 to 4 times a day and eating candy bars regularly will not let you loose weight.

The very first thing that has to be done in a weight loss program is to identify what habits and what lifestyle produced the problem in the first place ...

... Than this habits and the incorrect lifestyle can be changed. After the changes have been made the work begins in burning off fat. Here is where the Aloe Vera for weight loss can be effective.

The slow pace of losing weight is the better way to keep the weight off.

So the first thing that has to be disciplined is the amount of food consumed in a period of 24 hours. The second thing that a person has to fully understand is how the body functions and reacts in weight loss.

Starving the body will turn on the defense mechanism where the body protects its cells. In overweight the body considers the fat cells as part of the body and will do everything possible to protect them. So starving the body is not the way to go!

Number one important thing is to get in a habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The next thing is to determine is when to eat and how much:

• We have to discipline or selves to eat slowly and chew our food well.

We need to listen to the needs of our body and not to the likes of our taste buds.

“Oh yummy, goody, goody.” Listening to our body’s needs is a strong discipline for our eyes, so we will not be deceived by our desire in thinking our desire is our need.

• Our taste buds, our eyes and nose have to be controlled by our mind, and not our mind controlled by these wonderful senses.

The body has a daily period of cleansing and we must not disrupt this time. In a normal lifestyle this cleansing period is from about midnight till 11 AM. So eating high carbohydrates and protein in this period of time will disrupt the process.

Eating fruit with no sugar added and drinking diluted fruit juice mixed with Aloe Vera for weight loss supports this cleansing process. Important is to drink enough pure water.

At noon a lunch with protein or carbohydrates with vegetables can be a good approach. But remember to ask your body how much it needs and not how much your senses desire.

For desert Aloe Vera juice with pure water is recommended about a ½ hour after the meal. In the afternoon if the need for food should arise, a fruit snack is a good choice.

The evening meal is the great time to load up on vegetables. There are hundreds of different ways to prepare them. This all has to do with your likes and dislikes. Be adventurous and find ways to make the meal exciting and tasty.

For me eating raw spinach and asparagus would not be very appealing to me even though they are very nutritive. We are all different so we have to find ways to cook up a healthy food style that is also pleasing to our taste buds.

Digestion starts in the mouth by tasting and chewing. We all have heard the expression “It makes my mouth water”. This is the first reaction in a good digestion. Don’t forget to supplement the evening meal with Aloe Vera for weight loss.

After we have established healthy eating habits and drinking Aloe Vera juice to supplement our food, we are ready for the next step: “Burning off fat”

Here we need to discipline ourselves to regular exercise. This has to be programmed to each ones personal possibility. Not everybody can jog. Here you need to be advised by your health care practitioner, what kind of exercise, aerobic or sports would fit your condition the best.

But be advised, without exercising it is very hard to lose weight. So some form of exercise is a most.

For me swimming, walking and trampoline are the ideal ways of exercise because this puts less stress on the joint structure. But everybody has to find his ideal form of exercise. Don't forget to supplement Aloe Vera for weight loss.

Indoor exercise methods like stretching and types of gymnastics in your living room could be an ideal way for elderly people. But the outdoor is important for fresh air and the sunshine that you really need when you are in your second youth (40 plus).


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