What are Aloe Seeds?

Aloe Seeds are commonly referred to two different forms of propagating Aloe Vera:

• From baby plants, the so called suckers or shoots.

• Aloe Vera seeds, a pollinated form to produce a fertile seed.

The mature Aloe Vera plant propagates around its stem a lot of suckers or baby plants. This is the case if climate conditions are right...

... and very important to grow Organic Aloe Vera.

These baby plants or Aloe Vera suckers are easily transplanted and don’t require much care. This is nature’s way to reproduce and preserve the same specie.

Aloe seeds form, when two different species (clones) bloom at the same time in a given range. These two kinds of Aloe Vera plants cross pollinate to produce a seed, resulting in a hybrid.

The different kinds of hybrids vary in different aspects: the flowers, the leaves of the plant, etc.

If you have an Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller plant and want to keep this original clone, I recommend transplanting the baby plants. These baby plants produce quit prolifically at the base of the plant.

If planted directly in the soil outside or in a very large pot, baby plants or suckers can appear a short distance from the mature plant on longer root runners, or even pop out at the bottom of a pot.

Aloe Vera plants from the same clone cannot produce fertile seed. Since the Aloe Vera plant is vegetative propagated, the plants from near and far are all most likely to be the same clone, there for self-sterile ...

... But it can be interesting and exciting to experiment with a pollination process with different species.

If you buy Aloe Vera seeds and grow them, you are most likely growing an Aloe Vera hybrid. Aloe Vera hybrids are normally not found in nature.

On the other hand, why bother when the Aloe Vera plant is so readily available.

I believe that Aloe Vera is one species that is mostly grown from vegetative propagation of a single clone. This may be because it is not found in nature and has been vegetative propagated for centuries.

And don't forget...

... What you need is organic Aloe Vera plants.

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