Aloe Plant Pictures

Here are some Aloe plant pictures of our harvest trip in July 2009.

It was a

fun trip

we made as family,

but still a lot

of hard work.

aloe vera patchThis little Aloe Vera patch has 116 plants and is a month old when this picture was taken. These are medium size Aloe Vera plants.
planting aloe veraMy son Daniel, age six, is eager to help. For him it was more fun and games than work. My friend Edgar is doing the hard work.
mature aloe plantsMature Aloe Vera plants, ready to be transplanted.
aloe baby plantsHundreds of Aloe Vera "baby" plants. Most of them medium size.
aloe baby plantsMy son Alex always willing to help. For the little things he was a big help.
aloe baby plantsAgain Alex with an Aloe Vera plant.
aloe vera plantsMy junior team: Alex, Daniel and their friend Paloma.
aloe vera plantsThe waste from the Aloe Vera processing goes back to the Aloe Vera plants. Organic gardening is a must to have the best Aloe Vera.
aloe vera leafMy son Daniel "inspecting" an Aloe Vera leaf.
aloe vera transportLoading the truck with Aloe Vera leaves and ready to go...
aloe vera leaves40 kilos of Aloe Vera leaves on one shoulder.
washing aloe vera leavesWashing and brushing Aloe Vera leaves. A wet job.
aloe vera patchA fresh-planted Aloe Vera patch. The Aloe Vera plant grows easily - it just has to be planted.
aloe vera terereMy son Alex drinking "terere" (green paraguayan tea) after a day of "hard" work.
aloe vera asadoWeekend. A juicy Asado (BBQ) is just the best thing.
chaco sunsetThe best sunset in the world (for me) - the paraguayan Chaco.

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