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Aloe News -- How do You use Aloe Vera?
August 26, 2009

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Today is Wednesday, 26. of August 2009


How can a plant that is readily available and found in over half of the homes in America, be the answer to everyone’s health problems?

I love finding useful sites that give out sound advice about the topic of personal health and welfare. There are many useful sites out there in cyberspace, and also a ton of e-books available that contain information your doctor would probably never tell you. One of the books that I recently discovered is called "Aloe - Your miracle doctor".

But there was a problem. I didn’t have a credit card. So I talked to my sister in Canada and asked if I could use her card. I send her the money by Western Union and she made the transaction.

When I finally did purchase and downloaded the book, I was worried that I might of just forked over my hard earned cash for something that I could of found on my own for free, with a minimal amount of research.

However, after I read the 82 page book, I realized that it was pretty much one of the soundest investment I have ever made online.

"Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor" explains the important role that Aloe Vera has played in the health history of humankind. Ancient Sumerian text mentions it, as does Roman Literature, the famed Egyptian queen Cleopatra was even said to use it as a beauty aid.

Over the ages many benefits of Aloe have been discovered and Yulia Berry lists over 130 of them in her easy to read e-book. She covers over 80 disorders that Aloe Vera can help in as well as unlocks more than 25 beauty secrets including the famous "Cleopatra anti wrinkle cream".

Reading about all the claims on what this little wonder plant could do just blew my mind. I wrote the author Yulia Berry and offered to translate the book into the Spanish language. I believe it should be available to everybody.

Every time a neighbor or a friend asks something about a health problem, I usually find an Aloe recipe. Sometimes they think of me as the "Miracle Doctor". The remedies just work wonders.

Be the "Miracle Doctor" in your neighborhood, click here

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It takes a lot of money to create a cure: research, development, trails, advertising, etc. Millions, if not billions of dollars are poured into a new drug. Then, after all that, the drug companies need to hurry up and squeeze the public for all they got before the patent runs out and the generics step in.

When someone starts saying things like, "Hey! I know of something that will do a better job then your drug and it can be found at any grocery or hardware store a couple of bucks," the drug companies do not want you to hear about it. This is pretty much what Yulia Berry says in her book (although I am paraphrasing a bit).

She breaks down the plant and shows you everything it contains from the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to the all-important mucopolysaccharides (MSP’s) that are responsible for many of the Aloe’s healing properties. She leaves no stone unturned as she informs what this plant contains and why it could help you.

She also lists all of the health problems Aloe can help as well as all of the home remedies that people have been using for centuries. You will learn how to prepare aloe juice using simple and biogenic stimulation methods. I have to say that I am very impressed how easy and genius the biogenic stimulation method is!

The gel is rich in vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides, which are long chain sugars that help in cellular rejuvenation. The author provides easy Aloe Vera juice recipes that will help cleanse your body and strengthen your immune system.

The 82-page book is easy to read and provides a lot of useful information that save both time and money. You will consider it one of the soundest investments you ever made.

By having all of this information in one place, you are spared hours of research, and you can end up saving tons of money on medical expenses. Buying this book is not only good for your pocket book; it is also an investment in your health. Aloe Vera is a safe and natural way to relieve pain, acne, and indigestion and can even help people suffering from cancer and Aids.

Before you even think of purchasing the book you should know that...

I think the coolest feature about this e-book is that you get free updates. Yulia is always looking for new ways this little miracle plant can help you and you will be the first to know about it.

Quit letting big pharmaceutical companies dictate how you live, download the e-book today and take control of your health!

Aloe - Your Miracle Doctor

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To Your health,

Delbert Chupp


Having your own Aloe Vera plants can guarantee you the most pure Aloe Vera remedies. But you need to know how to make them.

Go have a look at this

Aloe Vera recipes

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