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Aloe News -- Aloe Vera Harvest in the Chaco
August 03, 2009

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Today is Monday, 03. of August 2009


I am so excited that I just had to drop you a few lines.

We came a few days ago back from Loma Plata located in the Paraguayan Chaco from our Aloe Vera harvest. We had a great time – although it was a lot of hard work.

Even my two sons Alex (7) and Daniel (6) where so excited. They thought they had to have their little hands in everything. Almost every plant they see they ask me: "Papa is this Alo Vera?"

We hired a team of six native people to perform our six day harvest. We harvested close to 6.500 kilos of Aloe Vera leaves. That is more than a 1.000 kilos a day.

In the morning one part of the team (3 guys) where on the field cutting Aloe Vera leaves. The other part of the team stayed at to factory to wash, brush and clean the freshly harvested leaves.

After lunch we started to work with the leaves. Every leaf is filleted by hand.

I put a few photo pages together for you. And there are more to come. Click here or copy and paste the link below to see them.

I hope you enjoyed the photos.

To Your health,

Delbert Chupp


Check out “wiki” for more information on Loma Plata or the Chaco region.


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I recommend have a look at this

Aloe Vera recipes

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