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Aloe News --, What do you do to prevent Flu?
June 08, 2009

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Today is Monday, 8 of June 2009


Why do you want to grow and use your own Aloe Vera?

Summer is rushing in for the northern hemisphere and so the "gardening time" is in full swing.

Why would you want to plant Aloe Vera?

If you want to plant Aloe Vera...

... I just released a guide on how to grow Aloe Vera just for you (download link at the end of this email).

Why would you need a strong Immune system?

You know, my sons Alex and Daniel where battling with flu for the last week. Sore throat, coughing and a running nose. (Everybody is afraid of the swine flu – everybody wearing face masks in the schools.)

I started giving them Aloe Vera with 2 grams vitamin C daily and it just works wonders. Their throat and nose clear up and no more coughing.

With all the disease on this earth we are tended to concentrate too much on disease. If we just could concentrate on good health, a lot of diseases wouldn’t be such a problem anymore.

But how do you achieve good health?

The answer is simple.

Maintain a clean body and build a strong immune system.

You can clean your body through an appropriate diet. A master cleansing diet can help you loose weight, detox and just simply get healthy.

Also a strong immune system is vital in today’s world. You can enhance your immune system with a high intake of vitamin C.

What does vitamin C do in your body?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant just like vitamin E. Vitamin C fights the free radicals in your body. Free radicals produce cancer. That means that you actually can prevent cancer.

Another fact:

Aloe Vera increases the absorption and effectiveness of vitamin C in the body. If you take vitamin C combined with Aloe Vera, than you are building a strong immune system and at the same time you “clean” your body.

To your Health,

Delbert Chupp

P.S. If you are interested in the master cleanse secrets...

Than check this out

Master cleanse secrets

P.P.S. Here is the promised download link to the Aloe Vera growing Guide. It’s free to my subscribers.

Guide to grow Aloe Vera

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